Answers to Your Questions

How long does it take to get approved?

Most clients are fully approved for the grant in as little as two or three weeks.  There are no grant writers needed as the majority of the application is setting up the ads correctly. Failure to properly setup the ads to the Ad Grants rules will result in a denial of the grant.

We Have Ad Grants but our account was suspended, can you help us get approved again?

Absolutely we can help.  With the new click through rules that were implemented in December 2017, many nonprofits are in this same situation.  We will help your organization get reapproved for the grant and will work to ensure you remain compliant moving forward.

Do the funds rollover each month if not used?

No… Google credits your Adwords account with $10,000 each month and it is a use it or loose it deal.

Is there a contract for your services?

We have a contract but it is a month-to-month service period.  We strongly believe in earning your continued business and given our track record we know the value we bring to our nonprofit partners and boast over a 98% retention rate of clients.

Where will our ads be seen?

If you google any search phrase, typically the top three or four results are advertisements that are targeting the keywords you entered.  This is where the ads we create for you will be shown.  We’ll optimize each ad group for a variety of keywords relative to the ad we’re running so that searchers will see your ad when they enter variations of your target keywords.