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Google offers a grant for nonprofits.

We Help nonprofits
Get the Most Out of their Free $10,000 a Month
Google Ad Grant.

Google’s Ad Grant is an excellent way for nonprofits to expand the reach of their mission by attracting more qualified search traffic to their website.

We Solve Real Problems

What is the Google Ad Grant?

Many organizations don’t realize that Google offers a grant for qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofits. You’ll receive $10,000 per month in free Adwords advertising credit from Google to expand the reach of your mission.

That’s right, $10,000 per month of in-kind Google Adwords advertising every single month to help drive traffic to your organization’s website.

Better still there’s no term limit. As long as you remain compliant with Google’s ever changing rules, the grant refreshes every month. There is no carry over however, meaning that every month the grant resets regardless of how much of the $10,000 you used. That’s why it’s important to use as much of the grant every month as possible to maximize your return.

We Solve Real Problems

What Can the Google Ad Grant Do for Your Nonprofit?

$10,000 Per Month in in-kind Adwords Advertising

Each month your Adwords account will be funded with $10,000 credit to market your organization. This is a “use it or loose it” grant so setting up the account properly is critical to get the most out of the program.

We'll Get You Approved

We’ll take care of making sure your nonprofit gets approved for the grant. We’ve never had one turned down and don’t plan on your organization being our first!

Increased Web Traffic to you website or donations pages

Could your organization benefit from an additional 5,000 visitors per month to your website? That’s what many of our clients are experiencing!

We'll Keep You Compliant so your ads keep running

If you’ve never optimized a Google marketing campaign before don’t worry, we can handle it for you. Google requires a 5% click-through-rate in order to keep your account active, we’ll help you achieve that with our expert marketers. In fact, most clients are well over 10% CTR.

Custom Reporting Portal to monitor your traffic

We’ll give you access to a state-of-the-art reporting center that will show you all the traffic you’re getting, website ranking reports, suggestions on how to improve your site and so much more all included!

Targeted Marketing Campaigns that work

Customize your ad messaging with multiple campaigns and ad groups to reach the right target audience. Our experience will help ensure we are sending qualified traffic to your website.

We Solve Real Problems

Your Mission becomes
our Mission.

The entire Ad Grant process can complicated and time consuming. Without a deep understanding of things like keyword research, search advertising using Adwords, and website conversion optimization it’s easy to waste thousands of grant dollars, or worse yet get your account paused or suspended.

We’re experts in the entire Ad Grant process. We can help you get approved, optimize an existing grant, and create highly effective campaigns to support your mission.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Do You Qualify for the Google Ad Grant?

Nonprofits trying to apply for the Google Ad Grant need to meet a specific set of guidelines in order to qualify.

Google for Nonprofits

The process kicks off by applying to Google Nonprofits. Your organization must hold valid 501(3)(c) charity status in the U.S. Governmental entities, organizations, hospitals, schools, and universities are not eligible for Google for Nonprofits. Philanthropic arms of educational institutions are eligible.

Google's Certifications

Acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.

High-Quality Website

Have a high-quality website that meets the Ad Grants website policy. Since so much traffic comes from mobile devices, your website should work across all devices.

Get Approved

Get approved through the Ad Grants pre-qualification process after your organization is enrolled in Google for Nonprofits.


Our Impact On Your Mission

We’ve helped nonprofits just like yours utilize over $3.5 million dollars in total grant spend and counting to  support their mission.

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We Offer Three Different Tiers For Any Budget or Need


Our pricing plans are designed to support small regional nonprofits to large national organizations.


For small regional nonprofits looking to promote locally



For regional or national nonprofits looking to Grow



For Large Nonprofits looking to get the Most value from their Ad Grant


To kick things off we do an

Ad Grant Intro call or Email to discuss Grant Options for Your Nonprofit

We’ll look at your organization’s unique situation and help you determine if the Google Ad Grant will work for you. We’ll also help you identify the best Adwords strategy for your nonprofit.

If you aren't already

We'll get You Approved

We know how to get your organization approved and get your campaign through all the hurdles needed to get it up and running. We’ve never had an application denied, and we don’t plan on starting now.

Next is an insane amount of

Keyword Research

The right keywords are the fuel that keep your campaigns driving more people to support your mission. With the right strategy you’ll have a nonstop source of qualified, eager traffic gaining exposure to your cause. 

Then comes the best part

We Launch Your Google Ad Grants Campaign

We don’t stop there though. We constantly monitor, tweak, and make improvements to your campaigns. Our detailed analytics reports give us the insight needed to find opportunities to improve our strategy.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Most clients are fully approved for the grant in as little as two or three weeks. There are no grant writers needed as the majority of the application is setting up the ads correctly. Failure to properly setup the ads to the Ad Grants rules will result in a denial of the grant. We guarantee approval, if you’re not approved you don’t pay.
Absolutely we can help. With the new click through rules that were implemented in December 2017, many nonprofits are in this same situation. We will help your organization get reapproved for the grant and will work to ensure you remain compliant moving forward.
Do the funds rollover each month if not used? No… Google credits your Adwords account with $10,000 each month and it is a use it or lose it deal. That’s why we’re always trying to strive to come up with the best strategies to max out your grant.
We have a contract but it is a month-to-month service period. We strongly believe in earning your continued business and given our track record we know the value we bring to our nonprofit partners and boast over a 98% retention rate of clients.
If you google any search phrase, typically the top three or four results are advertisements that are targeting the keywords you entered. This is where the ads we create for you will be shown. We’ll optimize each ad group for a variety of keywords relative to the ad we’re running so that searchers will see your ad when they enter variations of your target keywords.
Ad Grants Marketing is an extension of Teeny Giant, a full service marketing agency for nonprofits. We can help with any aspect of your marketing and advertising campaign.

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