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var stripe = Stripe(‘pk_live_61PZ2wpZ0CFTFsU8FOa2nu9E’, { betas: [‘checkout_beta_3’] }); var checkoutButton = document.getElementById(‘checkout-button’); checkoutButton.addEventListener(‘click’, function () { // When the customer clicks on the button, redirect // them to Checkout. stripe.redirectToCheckout({ items: [{plan: ‘plan_ELGVBSKNj4BawP’, quantity: 1}], // Note that it is not guaranteed your customers will be redirected to this // URL *100%* of the time, it’s possible that they could e.g. close the // tab between form submission and the redirect. successUrl: ‘’, cancelUrl: ‘’, }) .then(function (result) { if (result.error) { // If `redirectToCheckout` fails due to a browser or network // error, display the localized error message to your customer. var displayError = document.getElementById(‘error-message’); displayError.textContent = result.error.message; } }); });[/et_pb_code][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]